Free Art Fridays RDU

Megan Gordon and I have been participating and working together to bring the Free Art Friday movement to Raleigh, NC and would like to invite you to join us!

What is Free Art Friday?
Free Art Friday is a global art movement bringing free art to streets, parks, alleys, and the homes of those who find it. 

What is the purpose of Free Art Friday?
Free Art Friday is designed to be a creative exercise that frees the artist to create with out pressure, and puts art and joy in the world at the same time.

Who can participate?
The movement is open to all creative hearts and artists in the greater RDU area; emerging, and established; visual, performance, musical, and literary.

How do I participate? *
Each week, we work solo, or collaborate on a piece of art. We hang it up somewhere in the Triangle, leave it to be found, and announce the location on Instagram. Participating artists can tag their posts with #freeartfridayrdu and can contact me to have their links added to this page.

How can I find free art on Free Art Friday?
Search the #freeartfridayrdu hashtag on social media to participate in the movement as an artist, or art lover. 

How did Free Art Friday begin?
British street artist, My Dog Sighs, started the movement back before social media was even a thing. Remember those days? 

Happy hunting and finders keepers!

Participating Artists:

Jane Cheek on Instagram + Etsy + Facebook

Megan Gordon on Instagram

Heather Youngblood on Instagram + Etsy

Heather Adeen on Instagram

Amie Reiherzer on Instagram

Stephanie Hester on Instagram

Sarah Ford Photography on Instagram + Facebook + Needlework on Instagram

 Melissa Roth on Instagram

*note to artists: remember to be good stewards of this precious planet and take home any art that doesn’t find a new home of #freeartfriday